There are 4 steps that I am choosing to live my life by. I think it works and it feels good every morning to wake up and LIVE YOUR DREAM.

Step 1: You must SEE IT
I love my vision board workshops I host at churches, schools, recreational centers, and more. See what you want to be everyday fuels you to go out and accomplish it. It is simple.

Step 2: You must BELIEVE IT
You can see it, soooo why not believe that it is obtainable everyday. You found what your heart desires for your life, you see it, so now set in stone in your heart. Believe that it is POSSIBLE.

Step 3:You must BE ACTIVE IN IT
You have seen what you want and you believe it is possible, so now you must do all the things possible that gets you ready for your defined success. BE ACTIVE everyday in doing what will make you successful.

You have taken the proper steps to reach your defined success. Watch your vision come to life. Live your Dream and enjoy it. Continue to be active and just WATCH... ou will be living exactly what you dreamt of.

You have the Power to reach the goals you have set out for yourself. No matter where you come from, you can live the life you have initially seen in a dream. You woke up and started to make that happen. I took my dream and created my vision board which you will see in the background of this video and I am working towards/living everyday. 

My vision board is my reminder every day I wake up. I see it, believe it, active in it, & I AM WATCHING IT ALL MANIFEST.